What's new in Windows 8 RTM?

17 May

The complete version of Windows 8 adds many customizable wallpapers, Bing applications and many new Metro applications.
After two weeks of releasing a complete build of Windows 8 product key to manufacturers, today some other users will receive the RTM version of the OS: developers and IT professionals with accounts. TechNet from Microsoft.
For general users, of course, we will not be able to access the RTM until 26/10, when Windows 8 is widely sold. However, you are also curious to see what the final version of Windows 8 looks like. Here are exactly the latest tweaks, which will appear on your Windows 8 PC / tablet in the future (of course, provided you intend to upgrade or purchase this OS).
More customization options for the Start Screen.
Windows 8 adds color themes to the Start Screen. Up to 14 themes are tattoos full of personality to choose from.
Bing application
When opening the Bing application in Windows 8, you will see a page almost blank with just one search bar and a constantly changing wallpaper. When typing the search keyword, Bing gives the hint. Hints are displayed on rectangular cells instead of the usual text lines we find with Google.
Microsoft office 2016 product key designs Bing "favor" more for the Metro interface, and the flight-related queries will be incorporated into the new Travel application.
People app
You can scroll through the list to browse your contacts in alphabetical order, connect to your Facebook or Twitter account, and view social network notifications in a single page. The "What's New" page allows you to view your friends' status updates.
Windows Store
The Windows product key Store app store supports 54 new markets.

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