Vietnamese users regret that Windows 7 is about to stop supporting

12 May

Although it is the most popular operating system in the world, Windows 7 product key will not avoid being replaced.
This week, Microsoft office 2016 product key has announced support schedules for its operating systems. Accordingly, the products will end their Mainstream Support phase in the coming time including Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2010 and most notably Windows 7 Home premium product key, Professional, Starter, Enterprise and Ultimate.
Specifically, as of January 13, 2015, the above products and services will be converted to Extended Support including regular time, free security updates and hot support. fee. Over time, the software will no longer be updated with new designs or features. Extended support will last until January 14, 2010, when Windows 9 was available.
Many users are relieved to receive this information from Microsoft. Vnzoomhaipt shared on the Vn-zoom forum: "They just killed XP, have not abandoned Windows 7, while unknown how the new 9". General comment on the idea, many people believe that Windows 7 is popular, while Windows 8 is still limited, users will encounter many difficulties during the 9th release.
According to many users, Windows 7 supports more games and runs more stable than Windows 8. In 1818 said: "I use Windows 8 half a year, too bored to go down 7. Although Windows 8 boot up fast But there are too many mistakes. " Nickname TuanDks also said: "I see Windows 7 is the best, 8 use a lot of software and drivers are not very much, especially the x64."
Many users are wondering whether their computers are powerful enough to run Microsoft's new operating system. "How many times have Win XP been running, but Vista, 7, 8 is running continuously. Nickname STOLCD also worried: "The new version, my computer can not bear the new machine, I have dual core, 2 GB RAM, how to run for the".
However, many people said that Microsoft stopped support for Windows 7 is no surprise. According to HaXor, "It's no surprise that Microsoft has announced this, just as they did with XP.
Meanwhile, Lhanh also said: "After the standard UEFI boot will be popular, death of Windows 7 is natural." The nickname Niemtin007 writes: "Microsoft did so to reduce the fragmentation of the operating system with the increase in the number of Windows users higher, this is surely a move in the sales."
Although Microsoft has announced major support deadlines for Windows 7, many users expect the vendor to retreat the same time as it did with Windows XP. Ngoantbh said: "I hope the company will delay the support time and release Windows 9 sooner."

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