Microsoft tightens licensing Windows 8?

18 May

A series of slideshows on the Web have revealed information about the new OEM Activation on Windows 8 designed to make it harder to activate illegal copyright in Microsoft office 2013 product key new operating system.
OEM Activation (OA) allows computer manufacturers to install and activate pre-installed Windows operating systems on their machines, giving customers no additional steps to activate the operating system. First use a brand new computer. In the past, hackers took advantage of OA to enable pirated Windows product key.
These slideshows seem to have been removed from the Microsoft training material, which points to the difference between OA 3.0 - which will come out with Windows 8 over previous OA versions.
If the information for these slides is correct, then OA 3.0 will require manufacturers to write the only Windows product key into the BIOS on the new PC, which matches the hardware of the computer. That is, each computer is manufactured with a unique product key that is associated with specific computer configurations. Previously, manufacturers used the same product key for every computer they sold.
The vendors will now receive the product key directly from Microsoft via the electronic distribution channel, and each new PC will be labeled "Genuine Microsoft" - the product key will not be displayed instead of the Windows Certificate of Authenticity (COA). ) as present. Manufacturers will also be required to submit detailed reports complying with Microsoft's licenses.
OA 3.0 will only apply to new computers running the Windows 8 operating system version for workstations. Other Windows versions, including Windows Server 2012 and Windows Embedded, will not use this new approach, while Windows 7 and earlier operating systems will continue to use the older OA.

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